I really enjoyed reading this Zabby!! I often connect with my senses using the 54321 grounding exercise but I really like how you've expanded on how to use your senses and specifically with nature! The studies you mentioned about nature sounds were reaaally interesting 🤔

Also we have a walnut tree and I've always thought it smells very citrusy!!

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Looooove this idea! Going to try this next time x

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I have just one word in response to your lovely words Zab - petrichor...

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Beautiful piece, Zabby, thank you.

After reading this yesterday, I took off on a long walk up a historic Halifax packhorse route to do some filming for our local Civic Trust. I paid attention to everything, using all my senses as I walked the quiet, spooky ancient path, and enjoyed the experience so much more than I would have otherwise. Birds ruffled trees, flowers were losing their colour as autumn sets in... it was all very serene and I was SO glad I read your blog before setting off (otherwise, I would have no doubt simply been focussed on the filming task at hand).

However, something quite funny happened... as I'm standing on this particular cobbled section, near the end of the route near the town, surrounded by foliage with a steep woodland to my above left and all 'in the moment' with my surroundings, I hear faint female talking. That's weird... I listen some more and wonder if it *could* be a person, even though those woods are not exactly walkers' woods... after a moment, I carry on and then I hear something behind me, some distance away. I turn around and it's a woman wearing Georgian style clothing, with a cane and a top hat. Omg!! I look away and look back, and she's still there. But she looks so *real*! Wtf?!! Then she stops and holds up a mobile phone to take a picture. Haha!

I waited for her and it turns out she's dressed as Anne Lister for our heritage week, haha! I included her in the filming and we had a nice chat. I apologized for staring and admitted I thought she was a ghost, and that I heard talking. She told me there were two women walking a dog in the woods.

So, a funny outcome to the mindfulness prompt, which actually ended in an unexpected addition to the task, as well as a much more pleasant experience than I was expecting (with the route being up and down a huge hill, in the heat). Wouldn't have happened had I not been so attentive to my surroundings, so thank you for that!

Thanks also for the study research paragraph. I'll recommend that to my kids when they're doing their homework.

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Ooh fantastic prompts to challenge and awaken us. Thank you, Zabby! I'm excited to observe things even more mindfully

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