Who knew there were so many!

We have loads near us. Big flocks over the fields when the farmers have been muck spreading. And we're not too far from the coast. I'll have to bookmark this.

I didn't realise the black headed gulls weren't always black headed!

Thanks Zabby for your helpful posts.

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Thanks for this! Gull ID is something I've increasingly thought I ought to get my head around. I did notice recently, comparing trips to Bridlington and Gateshead, that the noisy noise of kittiwakes (Gateshead) is far preferable to the noisy noise of herring gulls (Brid)! Actually, I don't mind most noisy birds (for my of the year my house is surrounded by raucous curlews, lapwings, oyster catchers and snipe, and at my last house I left the bedroom window open at night, all year round, just so that I could hear the tawny owls), but there is something about the cry of the herring gull that really gets my back up!

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